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In these guides, you'll find the essentials of what you need to know to get your account off the ground. You'll put together a strategy that fits your needs and will be in line with your nature.

The author

Photo portrait Constantin

"When I started, I did not know about social media, and I knew nothing about marketing. I had no basics—just a scientific approach. The growth of my @love_ceramic account has been meteoric from 0 to 330 000 followers in 4 years. Today, I have one of the most followed virtual galleries of ceramics in the world.
I give you my method. It is simple to set up."


Constantin Hays is a medical biologist at the Assis- tance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).

After a master 2 degree in microbiology research at the Pasteur Institute, he completed his thesis in bacteriology. He is now working in immuno-his- tocompatibility, a specialty that deals with organ transplants.

Alongside his work at the hospital, he joined forces in 2018 with his wife Marion to create the company “les matins”. A line of tableware was then created, handcrafted in a factory in Bourgogne, bearing Marion’s aesthetic signature. Constantin handles the operational part of the production, e-shop and customer service, and the Instagram (IG) account’s active management (IG) account.

Due to his passion for ceramics and his curiosity about this new tool, IG, in 2016, he created his own ceramics curation account, @love_ceramic. Since then, he is one of the most followed pottery accounts globally and has over 330k followers.

Getting bigger

Each guide includes a workbook with 10 actions to implement, 10 practical exercises to make the method your own, and a testimonial from a grateful Instagram person or brand. You have all the ingredients to succeed.

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The easy and intuitive way to:

  • Define your project
  • Clarify your strategy
  • Make progress while having fun
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  • Your community
  • Your visibility
  • Engagement
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  • Your reputation
  • Your customers
  • Your revenues


10 actions to implement, in the order you want.

The exercises

10 practical exercises to make the method your own. Take a notebook and a pencil and get started. Take action.

  • 1Define your "product" and identify your "clientele".
  • 2Analyze your competition.
  • 3Identify what sets you apart from the rest.
  • 4Make a fantastic portrait and logo.
  • 5Sort out your extra photos.
illustration exercices
  • 6Analyze what people like about you.
  • 7Learn how to make a shooting session profitable.
  • 8Learn how to boost your account.
  • 9Calculate your engagement rate (don't be afraid).
  • 10Try a (small) publicity. Etc.


1. Who are these guides for?

This guide is for all professionals who want to make their Instagram account take off to develop their notoriety and meet new clients, prospects, or students.

It will bring you a precise and fun roadmap to stand out from the crowd.

2. Do I really need it? What is the point of Instagram? Isn't it a waste of time?

Instagram is a powerful lever for anyone who wants to develop their business. The platform now has over 1 billion potential customers, accessible from your home, all without spending a dime if you know which levers to activate.

Our method aims to train you to the proper reflexes and effective use of Instagram. With our approach, you will stop wasting your time.

3. I've had an Instagram account for a long time. Will I learn anything more?

These guides are for anyone who wants to use their full potential to promote their business on Instagram. From beginners to community managers.

4. It's too expensive, right?

This guide is a professional tool. It’s an investment that will pay off very quickly.You have the essentials to boost your account. You don’t need to spend a single euro more.

But when you think about it, I give you over four years of experimentation and observations in this method. This method has allowed me to gain 300,000 followers in 4 years and turn my @love_ceramic account into one of the most followed virtual galleries in the world. If you follow the tips, you should get a return on your investment quickly. I am committed to passing on this method I have imagined as inclusive, fun, and accessible as possible.

5. How long does it take to read a guide?

Reading the guides without doing the exercises usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. But we encourage you to apply the advice in the guides step by step and take up the practical exercises. I recommend one action per week.

6. Do I have to complete the exercises within a specific time frame?

No. You may read and complete the exercises at your own pace.

7. Is it helpful to buy different guest guides?

For those who have purchased a complete guide and want the guest testimonial part, it is possible. You can build your collection of testimonials and success stories.

8. Once the guide is finished, am I on my own?

Our goal is to give you all the keys to pursue your strategy in the long run.

We would like to set up a platform to ask all your questions and exchange your inspirations and best practices. This is not for now, but we are working on it.

9. I love the guide and would like to promote it. Do you offer a commission?

This should be possible very soon!

10. What is your refund policy?

We are sorry if this guide does not meet your expectations.
If so, please contact us at constantin.hays@gmail.com.